Rubber profiles (gaskets) are made by extrusion, have different sections according to customer requirements and are manufactured in various lengths.
Rubber profiles (gaskets) are made of various rubber elastomers (EPDM, SBR, NBR, Natural, Neoprene, Silicon etc.) and can be compact (various hardness) or sponge like (different densities).
The elastomers used to manufacture rubber mixtures for end products (profiles – rubber seals) have distinct characteristics for each product category:

  • – weatherstrip – profiles – EPDM rubber gaskets able to withstand temperatures up to 130°C;
  • – weatherstrip – profiles – NBR rubber gaskets have a good resistance to oil;
  • – weatherstrip – profiles – neoprene rubber gaskets have good resistance to oils and rubber ageing;
  • – weatherstrip – profiles – natural rubber gaskets have a good resistance to wear and ageing;
  • – weatherstrip – profiles – SBR rubber gaskets are used in the -30°C +80°C temperature range;
  • – weatherstrip – profiles – silicone rubber gaskets have a very good resistance to temperatures up to 300°C;
  • – weatherstrip – profiles – Viton rubber gaskets with very good resistance to oils and high temperatures (300°C).

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